2013 College Class and Jam

March 10, 2013 - 3:30pm - 8:00pm

3:30-5:00 CI Class for Students only ($5)
Taught by Chris Aiken and Angie Hauser

5:00-7:00 CI Jam open to all ($5-10 or free with class)
7:00  Light Supper
($5 students, $7-10 others)

If you are a community member, please RSVP with the office by emailing contact [at] earthdance [dot] net or calling 314-634-5678 to say whether you are coming for the jam and or dinner.  Thanks!


Come early for Ecological Sustainability Sunday from 12:30-3, a free seasonal event that explores one of the four pillars of sustainable community development. Read more here.

Angie Hauser

Angie Hauser is a dance-artist and teacher. Her work and research is grounded by questions of improvisation, performance, and collaboration. Since 2000, Angie has been a member of the Bebe Miller Company. She received a 2006 BESSIE award for her work with the company. Her dancemaking projects include collaborations with many gifted artists including Chris Aiken, K.J. Holmes, Darrell Jones, Andrew Harwood, and Kathleen Hermesdorf. She has also danced with the companies of Elizabeth Streb, Liz Lerman, and Poppo Shiriashi. She has taught dance technique, dancemaking, Contact Improvisation, and improvisation throughout North America and in Europe. Her choreographic collaboration with Chris Aiken has recently received support from NPN, Bates Dance Festival, Florida Dance Festival, and the Chicago Improvisation Festival. Angie received her MFA in dance from the Ohio State University and holds a BA in Art History from University of South Carolina. She is currently an Assistant Professor at Smith College in the Department of Dance where she teaches choreography, creative process, improvisation, and dance technique.
Photo by William Frederking

Chris Aiken

Chris Aiken is a leading international teacher and performer of dance improvisation and Contact Improvisation. Over the past two and a half decades his work has evolved through ongoing investigations of performance, composition, movement technique, and design. His work has been significantly influenced through the somatic practice of the Alexander Technique, ideokinesis, yoga, and the work of Ida Rolf. He has performed and collaborated with many renowned dance artists including Steve Paxton, Kirstie Simson, Nancy Stark Smith, Peter Bingham, Andrew Harwood, Patrick Scully, and Angie Hauser. He has received numerous awards for his artistic work, including a Guggenheim Fellowship, a Bush Foundation Fellowship, funding from the Jerome Foundation, and commissions from the Walker Art Center, Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival, Dance Theater Workshop, Bates Dance Festival, and the National Performers Network. Chris is an Assistant Professor of Dance and the MFA Director at Smith College in Massachusetts.
Photo by Chris Randle

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