The Body is the House of Belonging

We make a mistake when we think of sensation as a purely physical experience. Like everything human, sensation cannot be separated from imagination.
—Thomas Moore)

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January 18, 2013 - 5:00pm - January 21, 2013 - 3:00pm

Body and soul speak to each other through sensation and imagination. They are both hidden and revealed by each other, both reflection and source.  Bringing them together is the art of homecoming.

Authentic Movement will serve as a framework for this workshop. In our moving, we will be especially attentive to what brings us to a deep sense of home in our bodies. In our witnessing we will tune our awareness to recognize when we find ourselves in the movements of another. Bringing them together is the art of homecoming.

Moving will take place both in the studio and outside, weather permitting, so bring clothing that will keep you comfortable in both settings. Also, please bring journals and art supplies if you have them.

Tuition, Room and Board All Inclusive:

Student/Retiree Rate: $300
Regular Rate: $350
Professional Rate: $400

Arrival and Departure

Registration will be from 5-6:30pm on Friday the 18th and there will be dinner served at 6pm.  The workshop will end at 3pm on Monday the 21st (MLK day).

Carolyn (Shakti) Sadeh & Susan Schell

Carolyn (Shakti) Sadeh & Susan Schell have been practicing Authentic Movement for over a quarter of a century, first as students of Janet Adler, then as witness and mover for one another. In 1988 they began teaching together. Through the years the thread that weaves this work and their lives together has held fast and they continue to offer retreats and workshops whenever possible. (photo credit: Michael Cooper)

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