Figure Space: Session 3

The culmination of a series of intensives exploring Material for the Spine and The Tuning Scores


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November 4, 2012 - 5:00pm - November 16, 2012 - 3:00pm

Paxton and Nelson combine their unique approaches (Materials for the Spine and Tuning Scores) to cultivate the compositional and performance possibilities that arise from these roots of dance motivation.

Lisa Nelson

Lisa Nelson is a dance-maker, improvisational performer, and collaborative artist who has been exploring the role of the senses in performance, and observation of movement since the early '70s. Stemming from her work with video and dance, she developed an approach to real-time editing and performance she calls Tuning Scores. She performs, teaches, and creates dances in diverse spaces on many continents, and maintains long-term collaborations with other artists, including Steve Paxton in PA RT (1978) and Night Stand (2004), Daniel Lepkoff, Cathy Weis, Scott Smith, and Image Lab - a Tuning Score performance ensemble. She's received various encouragements along the way, including a NY Bessie Award and an Alpert Award in the Arts. She has co-edited Contact Quarterly dance and improvisation journal since 1977 and is currently at work on a Tuning Scores-based videogame. She lives in Vermont.

Steve Paxton

Steve Paxton has researched the fiction of cultured dance and the 'truth' of improvisation for 40 years. He performed with the Merce Cunningham Dance Co. from 1961-65, and was one of the founders of the Judson Dance Theater, Grand Union, Contact Improvisation, and Touchdown Dance for the visually impaired (UK). He lectures, performs, choreographs, and teaches primarily in the US and Europe. In recent years, he has presented work at MOMA, at DIA Chelsea and Beacon, and was awarded the Golden Lion from the Venice Biennale and a NY Bessie Lifetime Achievement Award. Paxton is a contributing editor to Contact Quarterly dance journal and published a DVD-rom, Material for the Spine, with Contredanse in Brussels. In January 2015, he premiered choreography in collaboration with Robert Ashley's Quicksand at The Kitchen in NY. He lives on a farm in Vermont.

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