3rd Sunday Contact Class and Jam with Felice Wolfzahn

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September 16, 2012 - 3:30pm - 7:00pm

An opportunity to learn and practice the form of Contact Improvisation. Come join us for an exciting afternoon of dancing!   

Open Level CI Class | 3:30 -5:00pm | Class only: $10
Contact Jam | 5 - 7pm |  Jam only: $8-12
Class & Jam: $15-20

Lightening and Deepening 


This class will explore contact improvisation with a focus on the 'Depth of touch". Initially, we'll play with dances that inhibit giving full weight to see what new pathways emerge. We'll see how playing 'on the edge' of light weight can offer new possibilities and choices for movement and connection. We'll also delve into the deeper realms and see how we can use the light touch to inform the fuller pathways of sharing full weight. Some experience with Contact improvisation will be helpful.

Felice Wolfzahn

Felice Wolfzahn is a veteran teacher of Contact Improvisation.  She is currently an adjunct dance professor in the five college dance program as well as other colleges in New England and has performed and taught internationally with such partners as Daniel Lepkoff, Catherine Sands and Patrick Crowley among others. She holds a BFA from The Juilliard School and an MFA from Bennington College. Felice combines her investigations in Contact Improvisations, with Authentic Movement and group scores. Felice is interested in how dance can be instructional as well as healing and incorporate the whole self into its investigations.

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