3rd Sunday Contact Jam and CI Class with Patrick Crowley

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May 20, 2012 - 3:30pm - 7:00pm

An opportunity to learn and practice the form of Contact Improvisation. Come join us for an exciting afternoon of dancing!   

Open Level CI Class | 3:30 -5:00pm | Class only: $10
Contact Jam | 5 - 7pm |  Jam only: $8-12
Class & Jam: $15-20

The Wilderness of TRIOS taught by Patrick Crowley
The roles of supporter, flier, and the "assistor" will be the basis of this trio form.  We will particular pay attention to "the one who is left out" and give tools to transform this role into the assister, the linchpin to this trio form. 

Linchpin skills to be explored:

  • Engaging one's center with the center of the duet
  • Being a second support
  • Being a moving post
  • Sandwiching
  • Sloughing
  • Counterbalancing
  • Tracking direction and momentum of the duet
  • Soloing with the duet

In addition, we open to a generosity in supporting and a wildness in being supported.  We move fluidly between the roles to create safe abandonment to new territory.

Patrick Crowley

Patrick Crowley has been engaged with Contact Improvisation for 30 years. He has taught at numerous dance centers, festivals, and universities both nationally and internationally, including Yale University, Boston University, Argentina Contact Festival, Freiburg Festival, Earthdance, among many others. He has worked and performed with Nancy Stark Smith in a variety of ways, as well as with many of the founders and prominent leaders in CI including: Daniel Lepkoff, Nina Little, Andrew Harwood, Kirstie Simson, K.J. Holmes, and many others. Patrick has a background in modern dance, Body-Mind Centering®, bodywork, yoga, theatre, contemplative practices, martial arts, and expressive arts. He co-leads quarterly Longdances - ceremonial, expressive arts celebrations for the Equinoxes and Solstices - for 12 years in Connecticut. He currently teaches and performs with the Zany Angels (Rythea Lee and Rose Oceania). He was certified in bodywork by Sensei Toshiko Phipps and Nationally Certified in 1993.

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