Earthdance Exchange (EDX)

Earthdance Exchange (EDX) is a wonderful opportunity to fill a direct need at Earthdance through the contribution of labor and expertise in exchange for program discounts or retreats.

Types of Work Needed:

  • operations and administration (e.g. household maintenance, buildings and grounds upkeep, database entry)
  • professional services (e.g. IT, consultation, education/training for staff, carpentry)
Program Discounts (work on- or off-site)
Program Discounts are provided to EDX-ers for eligible Earthdance-curated workshops, July 4th Jam, Spring and Fall Equinox Jams, Creative Residencies, and personal retreats through EDX points. Each hour of work earns one EDX point, worth a $10 discount on eligible programs. Up to 7.5 points ($75) may be redeemed per weekend-long Earthdance program and up to 15 points ($150) may be redeemed per week-long Earthdance program.
Points may be applied toward more than one event per year. If you accumulate 50 points ($500), you must redeem some before accumulating more. Points must be redeemed within one year of when they are earned. Points are non-transferable and may not be redeemed for cash.
Work-Exchange Retreats (work on-site)
Work-Exchange Retreats are periods ranging from 1 day to 3 weeks during which work is performed on-site and EDX-ers' interests & skills are matched with Earthdance’s needs. Benefits include full room & board (dependent on availability), participation in a range of weekly creative classes and collaborative offerings in addition to an intimate experience of Earthdance's live-work community. Requirements include 5 hrs/day of task-specific work and general participation in kitchen cleaning and household maintenance.
Work-Exchange Retreats can occur repeatedly throughout the year with at least one month in between. If, once here, you wish to remain longer than 3 weeks, you may apply for consideration as a Volunteer for up to 3 months additional time. (Residency is not guaranteed.)

To get started, please fill out a volunteer application here (make a note you're interested in EDX) and contact the Operations Manager at operations [at] earthdance [dot] net

For Program Discounts, please inquire prior to any registration deadlines for eligible programs (eligibility posted on program pages). For a Work-Exchange Retreat, the more advance notice you provide, the greater the likelihood a position will be available.
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